Credit Cards Policy

January 2014 Approved E&RS, Treasurer and Wardens (26/1/14)


This document describes the credit and debit card policy for the Christ Church Cambridge PCC (“Christ Church”).  The purpose of church credit or debit cards is to alleviate the financial risk and burden placed on staff when making significant and/or regular purchases for church related work.

Conditions of use

  1. The registered address for any credit or debit card should, where the card provider permits, be the Christ Church Parish Office.  Where the card provider insists on registering the card to the card holder’s home address, any statements should be sent to the Christ Church Parish Office.
  2. Monthly statements for all credit or debit cards will be provided to the Treasurer or their nominated representative
  3. Credit or debit cards shall only be used to make authorised purchases on behalf of Christ Church
    1. Credit or debit cards shall not be used for personal expenses or for cash withdrawals
    2. All purchases by junior members of staff (including ministry trainees) must be agreed in advance with a senior member of staff
    3. All single transactions greater than £200 must be agreed in advance by one of the following:
      1. The Senior or Associate Minister(s)
      2. One of the Wardens
      3. The Buildings Manager
    4. The above may not authorise their own transactions.
    5. Prior to making any purchase, staff should consult the payments log to ensure there is sufficient funds or credit available to make the transaction
    6. Failure to follow the conditions above may result in a member of staff being personally liable for expenses incurred
  4. Receipts for all purchases on a credit or debit card must be given to the Church Administrator immediately after the purchase is made and an entry must be made into a payments log to record the transaction and allow a current tally of available balance (for debit cards) or credit limit (for credit cards)
  5. All receipts and the payments log should be provided to the Treasurer or their representative on a monthly basis
  6. Credit and debit cards must be present for all transactions
  7. Credit and debit card details and PIN numbers will not be written down or shared with another person
  8. Credit and debit card details will not be stored electronically for automatic or repeated use without approval by one of the Wardens or Senior Minster (e.g. Some online stores maintain card details to speed up the purchase process)

Payment Log

A payment log will be kept on the church server to capture the following details for each credit and debit card transaction for each account (i.e. one log is used for each account even if that account supports multiple credit or debit cards):

  • Purchaser name
  • Authorised name
  • Date of purchase
  • Description of purchase
  • Value
  • Monthly cumulative total spend