Induction Policy


This policy provides the initial general guidelines to support new members of staff at Christ Church, whether under contractual terms or as a Ministry Trainee. This document is aimed at line managers.

This policy does not apply to church members starting a new role, for example as a Sunday Club leader.


Good induction serves to formalise the introduction of new staff to the church and its operations, and to aid integration and socialisation.

Good induction provides the basis for good performance of the role; an appreciation of the role within the team; and an understanding of the basics of how the organisation operates.

Induction is not a one-off process, with a meeting on the first day: it is a process which continues through the probation period and beyond, until appraisal takes over.


1.      Before arrival

Line Manager check list – complete actions at Annex A

2.      On arrival

Line manager check list – complete actions at Annex B

3.      During first two weeks

  • Meet for review: check accommodation, office, working hours
  • Identify training requirements and organise
  • Describe probation process – if appropriate
  • Make sure there are events in the social calendar

4.      After one month

  • Review progress – identify and resolve any issues
  • Check progress on items on ‘one week’ list


Annex A

Computer and desk organised - Office manager

Computer/E-mail logins set up - Office manager

DBS completed - Office manager

Right to work/UK residency evidenced - Finance manager

Induction training timetable finalised - Line Manager

Bank and pension details obtained - Finance Manager

Contract issued - Finance Manager /Line Manager

Mentor appointed - Line Manager

Accommodation access/moving details confirmed - Accommodation Working Group

Welcome letter sent with staff handbook - Office manager


Annex B

Keys issued and security codes issued - Office manager

Training: Phones, ChurchSuite, Wunderlist, Office - Office manager

Tour of building - Office Manager

Talk through operational policies - Office manager

Talk through employment policies - Finance Manager

Meet with key staff members - Line Manager

Introduction to other key people within first week - Line Manager

Initial work ‘To Do’ list agreed - Line Manager

Take to lunch - Line Manager

Walk through church diary for coming term - Line Manager


Version 1.0

Approved by the Finance & Standing Committee on 11/1/18