In John’s Gospel we read, ‘Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of the two who heard what John had said and who had followed Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (that is, the Christ). And he brought him to Jesus.

Andrew was never the same after he met Jesus and of course he is not the only one. Christ Church is full of people whose lives have been transformed for good by Jesus Christ and we are therefore passionate about sharing his gospel with others. Andrew gives us a model of how we can do that, by inviting friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to a place where they can meet Jesus, not in person but in his Word, the Bible.

So we host different events throughout the year especially with the guest in mind. These will often lead into a Christianity Explored course (http://christianityexplored.org/) which we run once a term to introduce those who are keen to investigate further. 

We also aim to make all our Sunday services as welcoming and accessible as possible so those who walk in off the street or are new to the Christian faith can relax and feel at home. 

Finally, every follower of Jesus has their own story and we delight to train and equip one another to share the hero of our stories with those that have yet to meet him.

Mission Support

What do we do?

  • Educate the church family by raising awareness or world mission, both at home and overseas, teaching people how to pray and building a close partnership between church family and our mission partners.

  • Challenge the church to pray faithfully and to give generously to world mission, and to help individuals to discern a possible calling to the mission field.

  • Support our mission partners, with a focus on those called to long-term service and encouraging others in short-term mission and supporting the evangelistic activities of organisations in this country and overseas.

Part of our budget is set aside for short term mission trips and this year we will have seen members of our church family head out to South Africa and Kenya with Mission organisations.

We aim to support our mission partners through regular communication, prayer and giving.  We support both longer term mission partners who are serving overseas, UK-based individuals, organisations and churches, and we help with training costs and evangelistic activities as opportunities arise.

For further details about our mission partners and the Mission Support Group (MSG) please visit the MSG noticeboard at the back of church for updates about mission and prayer letters.


Meet our mission partners


The Sandells

Tim, Nicky and Josh (2016) and Benji (summer 2018) Sandell are involved in student ministry in Volos and Larissa in Greece with the mission agency Unevangalised Field Mission (UFM). The UFM website says; “God calls missionaries and churches send them out. We work in partnership with churches to make this possible and to provide the expertise needed to work effectively in cross-cultural mission. We also work with partner missions and churches around the world. Our great concern is not to preach ourselves but to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord.

They were back in the UK for the church weekend away in 2016 and 2019. They returned for home assignment for the birth of Benji in 2018.

UFM Website

Robert & Helen Slipper.jpg

The Slippers
Terrington St Clements

Robert Slipper, his wife Helen and their 2 grown up children The families and youth minister is Mark Paxton and his wife is Emma. Terrington is a rural area near Kings Lynn and has an on going gospel partnership with Christ church Cambridge. Terrington hosted the weekend away for the Explore course run by Christ Church in partnership with Friends International in 2016.


Nicolas & Muriel Inard.png

Muriel and Nicolas Inard

Muriel was a Ministry trainee at Christ Church from 2013 to 2014. She is originally from Canton, Guangdong, China. She and Nicolas were married in June 2013.

They have just returned from 2 years at Oak Hill Theological College where Muriel was training in children and youth ministry. While waiting to gain British citizenship, she is currently assisting the staff team with various pastoral minstries.

They are hoping to head to the mission field in East Asia from 2020 with a particular focus on children and family's work in Hong Kong.

The Lee family.jpg

The Lees
The Navigators

The Navigators is a ministry that shares the gospel of Jesus and helps people grow in their relationship with Him through Life-to-Life™ discipleship, creating spiritual generations of believers. Since its founding in 1933, The Navigators has upheld the mission “To know Christ, make Him known, and help others do the same.

Ralph and Sarah worship at Christ Church Cambridge, Ralph and Sarah Lee work with the Navigators in the UK. Ralph is also involved in academic research and teaching at the University in Cambridge and oversees and contributes to the Jubilee Centre, the Lausanne Orthodox Initiative and support for young Christian Academics. Ralph and Sarah and the family spent 14 years in Ethiopia as Mission Partners.

From the Faculty of Divinity web site:
Originally studying Chemical Engineering at Cambridge, I went to Ethiopia to teach engineering, leading to a deep interest in the traditional Christianity of Ethiopia. I retrained at SOAS in the study of religion, returning to Ethiopia to teach at Holy Trinity Theological College, the seminary of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, where I developed research interests in Ethiopian literature, in the social aspects of Christianity in Ethiopia, and in the contemporary religious situation there. Since returning to the UK, I have taught Eastern and Orthodox Christianity at SOAS, joining the Faculty of Divinity in 2018 and have developed a broad interest in Orthodox Christian communities in the contemporary world, their status, and their relations with other Christian traditions and with Islam.

The Navigators Website

St Andrews Church Kendray.png

The Jacksons
St Andrews Kendray

Pete, Sharon and their children Ben Rosie and Sam were called to St Andrew’s Kendray, Barnsley in 2007. It is a busy and growing church in the middle of a council estate.

In 2010 they were joined by Jonny Parker (Assistant Pastor) and his wife Ruth (Children’s worker). Sian Pearson is a youth worker there running 3 youth groups and the Sunday youth teaching as well as 2 children’s groups in the week.

Sofie Crump.jpg

Sophie Crump
Friends International

Friends International is a Christian charity that supports international students in the UK by equipping churches and volunteers to serve, minister, and engage with international students. They also organise a range of social events and activities for international students.

They operate in almost 40 university towns and cities across the UK, and have over 60 full and part-time workers befriending and supporting international students. In Cambridge, Josh Bell co-ordinates the various activities and there is a monthly prayer meeting which is attended by many churches from across the city.

The Barn is an outreach café which occurs on Thursday evenings at Christ Church with an optional Bible study for students to attend.

There is a welcome meal every September.

Friends International employs Sophie Crump who attends Christ Church. Matt Moury is another of our mission partners and was previously employed as a Reach worker.

The Philip Project includes: monthly training days led by experienced teachers with opportunities for students to practice handling and teaching the Bible and learning about ministry; mentors meeting regularly with students for discipleship and evaluation; a weekend away with workshops, talks and fellowship.

The Saturday classes meet once a month in Cambridge in the vestry at Christ Church

The i-Café meets at ARU on Monday evenings

The Compass café meets on Friday evenings at Living stones

There are also opportunities for students to be linked to local families for Sunday lunches etc.

Cambridge International Outreach (CIO) - 7 weeks of mission to international students based in Cambridge over the summer. This includes:

Andy’s café which replaces The Barn in July and early August, every day Monday – Friday. Other activities include
mornings: teaching and training for the teams to equip them for evangelism and ministry
4 - 5:30pm English corner, at Eden Baptist church
4 - 5:30pm Sports in the park, including Volleyball, football, frisbee
8 - 10:30pm Andy's cafe, different activities each evening

Explore For international students who would you like to find out more about Christianity, in simple English. The course is run 3 times a year, led in partnership with local churches. Each week there is a meal together, a short talk and discussion in small groups.

Friends International Website



GenR8 is an organisation of volunteers who take assembly presentations and other ministries into primary schools in Cambridgeshire.

They are a local mission organisation that reaches out to 40,000 children each term, Their work is very much about the great commission to ‘GO’ (Matthew 28:19) and they aim for a high level of professionalism and competence in all that we do. They have two focused areas of ministry: Supporting primary schools and Supporting churches working with primary schools and children.


St John's Orchard Park.jpg

The Lowes
St John’s Orchard Park

St John’s Orchard Park in Cambridge meet together every Sunday at 10.30am at Orchard Park Primary School. They are a church plant from Christ Church Cambridge and were established in 2013. Chris Lowe was previously a curate at Christ Church.


Margaret Rugira.png

Margaret Rugira

Job role: Student Worker Location: Miyagi, Sendai, Japan

About OMF International (formerly Overseas Missionary Fellowship) : OMF Serves the church in 12 countries in East Asia and has a pioneering ministry in others. We help place Christians to share the love of Christ with East Asians worldwide.

Serving the church, sharing the gospel. They write: “Our work is as diverse as the communities and cities we reach. From planting churches to running businesses. From practicing medicine to training Sunday school teachers. In every area of life, we aim to present the good news of Jesus – in a way that’s right for the culture, and for the long term”.

Margaret is part of a small OMF team working with students at the Universities sharing the gospel with them in a variety of ways. The focus is not only reaching out to students and staff directly with the gospel, but also working in partnership with the local church, Christian academics and the (small) student Christian Union to encourage them to work together to reach out to the universities.

This is Margaret’s second placement in Japan. She originally went in 2012. She comes back to the UK on home assignment every 4 years and did so in 2016-17.

OMF Website


Matt Moury

Matt is originally from France, leading a Christian Union group from 2011-2014. Matt was a Friends International Reach Volunteer (2015-16) and worshipped at Christ Church. He asked Christ Church to support him when he returned to France to work.

Matt is serving as Assistant Pastor at the Eglise Evangelique Baptiste in Lyon, with main responsibilities for Youth and Children's work. He also regularly preaches and continues with theological and biblical language studies at Vaux-sur-Seize theological college alongside his full-time ministry.

Matt is part of the editorial board of Éditions Clé, a French evangelical book publisher which seeks to equip Francophone Christians and Churches with good biblical tools and books.

Éditions Clé Website


The Myers
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Pete was a curate at Christ Church until September 2018 and studied for a PhD at Cambridge University. He and Katy have 3 boys, Jos (Feb 2008) Seth (Apr 2010) and Levi (May 2016). They have been accepted by Wycliffe Bible Translators and move to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to work in the Ethiopian Theology College (EGST) on 14th August 2019.

Wycliffe Bible Translators Website


More Precious

More Precious was set up by Lucy White (nee Beauchamp) and Emma Pendlebury (nee White) in 2013 whilst Lucy was at Durham University and Emma at Cambridge University.

The core team are: Lucy White, Nadia Hussain, Katrina Bass, Abby Moralee, Abigail Sumption and Emma Pendlebury. Lucy and Emma worshipped at Christ Church before getting married and moving to London.

More Precious is a ministry that seeks to encourage girls and young women to be strong and distinctive in their Christian faith throughout their formative years. It was launched in March 2013. Online resources range from daily devotionals, testimonies to topical materials. They also put on and resource conferences nationally. More Precious is a digital media platform creating purpose-driven, Bible-based content to meet teenage girls and young women right where they are – inspiring them to live for Jesus in their everyday lives.

They provide 24 hour resources on line under three banners:
Rise: for girls at school or sixth-form
Abide: for girls at college or university
Establish: for young women starting out in the workplace.

They write: “As we hit our five-year anniversary, we are looking ahead to what the future holds. With charitable status secured, a strong Board of Trustees and robust foundations in place, we are looking to fundraise across 2019 to bring on two paid team members. Having given the topic prayerful consideration, it’s becoming clear that our voluntary resources and network are coming to their natural limits. We believe that laying the foundations for a small paid team is the natural next step for us in growing into a godly organisation that invests in its people and opens up doors to people from a diverse range of backgrounds."


Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.58.21.png

The Agnes

Deborah Agnes is working with SIM (Serving in Mission). Deborah is Personnel Director, leading a team who work hand in hand with evangelical churches in the UK to both send and receive cross-cultural gospel workers, plus support and train them. The offices are moving from Wetheringsett Manor, Suffolk to two centres - a collaborative hub in London and a mobilisation services centre in Cambridge in 2019.

SIM, an international organisation with more than 1,600 missionaries serving in over 60 countries. Their members serve God among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, and South America. Their vision statement says: We work hand-in-hand with evangelical churches to send and receive gospel workers equipped for cross-cultural mission wherever people live and die without hearing God’s good news.

Justin is setting up a project in 2019 in Cambridge for men who struggle to find their way into church services and the Christian community. Justin also helps to organise support for a number of men in Africa training for pastoral ministry.

SiM Website


Fran Kirby

9:38 was set up in response to Jesus’ command to his disciples in Matthew 9:38: "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." 9:38 runs conferences and provides resources on their website to help Christian men and women consider how they can be part of the answer to this prayer – whether that entails staying where they are so as to serve the Lord Jesus in their current job and community, or whether it means a change of situation in order to work for a church or a missionary organisation. 9:38 also looks to serve local churches by supporting them as they run ministry trainee schemes (which give individuals a taste of full-time gospel ministry and theological education). The 9:38 website and their social media advertise gospel ministry vacancies across England and Wales.

Fran Kirby was a ministry trainee at Christ Church Cambridge during 2015–17. She is now employed by 9:38 as their administrator.

9:38 Website

aru logo.jpeg

Anglia Ruskin University CU

Living and speaking for Jesus at ARU Cambridge; aiming to give every student at ARU the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ by: 1. Supporting and equipping students
2. Loving, serving, telling and showing other students!

They run a variety of events throughout the year; as well as weekly meetings and end of term activities. They meet on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm and also have a weekly prayer meeting from 8.00 - 8.45am



Andrew and Helen Fellows
Christian Heritage

Andrew Fellows was the Director of L’Abri for a number of years and moved to Cambridge in 2018 to lead Christian Heritage. Andrew worships at Christ Church Cambridge.

Based at the historic Round Church in the heart of Cambridge, Christian Heritage is a community commending the gospel of Christ with all of its implications both to the university and the wider public, through vibrant community, practical hospitality and thoughtful discourse. Since 2001, they have served Cambridge through the Round Church Visitor Centre, and since 2016, the Round Church Scriptorium (a place of writing).

A number of Christ Church worshippers work or are connected to the Round Church including Rob Evans (Historian in residence Jan – Sept 2019), and Alice Evans (Historian in residence Jan 2019 -), Jack Harding (Associate Dean March 2019 - ) Joshua Kellard (administrator 2018 - ).

Christian Heritage Website


How you can get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in either short or long-term mission, please do speak to one of the Mission Support Group: Rachel Browning, Mike Wygard, Fiona Smail, Sarah Dalzell, John Au, Katy Burton, Nicola Pearson and Heather Chambers.

For more information please email: mission@cccam.org.uk