Good news, of great joy, for all people.


Welcome to Christ Church Cambridge

Christ Church is for those who:

Have just arrived in Cambridge and are looking for a church family to join
Did once go to church but got out of the habit
Have never been to church but wonder what this Christian thing is all about

Believing God speaks to us through his word in the Bible, we seek to understand what it says.
Believing what God says is relevant today, we try to be contemporary.
Believing Jesus is for everyone, we want to be accessible.
Believing the gospel is good news, we celebrate his grace!
Believing Christ reconciles us to God, we build community.

Morning Services

9.30 & 11.15am [AAS]

Who gets born twice?
John 3:1-8

Darren Coult

Sunday club & creche avalible

Afternoon Service


God loved and God gave
John 3:1-21

Ben Evans

Evening Service


Look where believing gets you
John 3:22-36

Andrew Fellows