The Barn

This free international cafe takes place every Thursday evening from 7.45pm to 10pm at Christ Church.  In July and August the café relocates to Andy’s at St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church and is run by the Cambridge International Outreach (CIO).

The Barn is a great place to practise English, learn a bit more about British culture, meet new friends and enjoy many activities such as quizzes, international dancing, board games, food events...   Every week has a different topic and nearly all activities are free.

The cafe is hosted by Christians from various churches around Cambridge and each one of them is always very happy to share their story and explain why they believe in Jesus Christ. 
Every week, there is an optional discussion based on the Bible about the Christian faith and an opportunity to ask any questions.

All international students and visitors are welcome!

For more information, you can find the programme of the coming weeks on the Barn website or you can join the Facebook group.

The Embassy

The Embassy offers a “home away from home” for internationals.  Each Saturday from 4.30-6pm there will be a free one-hour English class and opportunity to get help with any English documents that you might be struggling to understand.

There will also be time to relax, make new friends and enjoy a range of cultural activities.

All the leaders are Christians and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the person of Jesus Christ and what difference he makes to their lives. 

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The Explore Course

Every term, there is an opportunity to take a more in-depth look at the Christian Faith and to ask any questions. There is a new course run by Friends International beginning in April with a meal provided, which will run for 8 weeks. Newcomers of all backgrounds are welcome! For more information or to book, click on this link